Sportsground is a production company that creates bespoke production solutions enabling TV stations, clubs, federations, companies, tournaments and other organisations to display professional broadcasts for TV and other platforms. We handle the entire chain, from production to the delivery of the streaming platform. We aspire to be the natural choice for small and medium sized productions with cost effective solutions for TV and the web.

What distinguishes us from other providers in the marketplace is that we, through the use of innovative TV production and broadcasting technology and by combining new and established technology and techniques, are able to provide high quality broadcasts produced in a cost effective way.

Why choose Sportsground?
– The most cost-effective solution for the production of quality content for sports and events.
– Production workflow specifically designed for the delivery of small and medium-sized productions.
– Exciting opportunities for you to generate income through advertising revenue, made possible by our advanced virtual advertising techniques.
– Use of our very own streaming platform that can be fully branded to reflect your specific look and requirements. We also incorporate a payment solution for pay-per-view events.

We are able to offer a complete solutions package with everything from initial planning and guidance, staffing (from camera operators to technicians), customized graphics, commentating and editing for TV or streaming via our own streaming platform. We can also create smaller bespoke “pick-and-mix” solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Additionally we also offer advertising solutions in several of our sports broadcasts, and last but by no means least, we offer extensively experienced editorial news gathering teams able to provide first-class editorial reports and footage for your broadcasts.

Production Packages

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Streaming Platform

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