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Every year is Sweden’s most important meeting place for media topics, MEG, the Media Days, arranged at Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg. Tomorrow begins this year’s Meg, and the program includes more than 50 programs points plus numerous other activities and about 70 exhibitors. We will have two teams in place to record 25 of the seminars to SVT Forums. A large part of this will be broadcast live on SVT2 at 9:00 to 16:20 on both days 5-6 March.

The other materials that are not broadcast live, will be edited and sent at a later time. Our two teams will broadcast from SVT’s booth, Studio H1, the K-hall and the Open Stage. We will also make reports to the news program Rapport.

Of course there is also the opportunity to see the live broadcasts on the Web at The tableau of SVT2, with all seminars listed, you will find here More information about Meg will find on their own website