Gothenburg Book Fair

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Yesterday opened the doors to this year’s edition of the Book Fair in Gothenburg. The program consists of no less than 388 seminar points and over 2000 participating authors and lecturers are in place, together with more than 800 exhibitors. Around a hundred thousand visitors are expected to come to the Swedish Exhibition Centre. If you are not one of those who can be on site, you can still access certain parts via the public media.

Like several previous years, we are in place with several teams to broadcast live and gather material for later television broadcasts. We broadcast live at almost the entire day with seminars, debates and intrevjuer, as well as we record about 25 seminars that will later be broadcast on Kunskapskanalen. Today we also record the book program Babel sent in SVT1 on Sunday and broadcast live to Gokväll tonight.

Here you can find URs broadcasts and Babel.