Clash Of Nations

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Clash Of Nations is the largest Extreme sports Events with a lot of contests and shows. The event is organized in Lugnet Arena in Falun and has since it started in 2011 has grown bigger every year. For example: the … Continued

Gotland Grand National

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Gotland Grand National. We have in previous years been involved in the broadcast of GGN, which is a real folk festival where it’s all about endurance and to best master the material and surface. SVT continuing its investment in GGN … Continued

Equestrian Championship

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In Aachen in Germany EM in several horseriding sports are going on right now, both large sports like jumping and dressage, but also smaller branches: Vaulting, Driving and Reining. SVT sent the dressage competitions during the weekend and will send … Continued


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Between May 8 and September 26 is the STCC (Scandinavian Touring Car Championship) held, which is a touring car championship, i.e. a form of racing with cars based on passenger cars intended for road use. During the season, seven races … Continued

Volvo Ocean Race

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Since its start in Alicante 4 October 2014, we have made a magazine, Life at the Extreme, for TV4 every week about Volvo Ocean Race, the world’s largest sailing race around the world. On Sunday, June 21, the boats will … Continued


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One of the latest additions, among sports we produce are equestrian. We have just launched a new play channel on, and we will in the summer also to produce several competitions with both eventing and show jumping. The first competition, … Continued


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This weekend we will work together with SVT to produce one of the biggest event in women’s sports: Tjejvasan. For five months, all 10,000 spots have been booked and this Saturday is the 30 km long skiing contest. Just like … Continued