Our Company

Sportsground is a production company that creates bespoke production solutions enabling TV stations, clubs, federations, companies, tournaments and other organisations to display professional broadcasts for TV and other platforms.  We are able to handle the entire chain, from inception and production to the complete delivery of a streaming platform.  We aspire to be the the natural choice for small and medium sized productions with cost-effective solutions for TV and the web.

What distinguishes us from other providers in the marketplace is that we, through the use of combining established and innovative TV production and broadcasting technology with our own unique techniques and solutions, are able to  provide high quality broadcasts produced in a cost effective manner.


Sportsground was founded in 2011 by a group of entrepreneurs with many years of experience in the TV and sports industries, with a simple vision of making it possible to produce live sport in a new, innovative and cost-effective way.


Right from the start Sportsground has been a success story.  Year-on-year we have doubled our turnover and are now a multi million SEK company with a yearly revenue of over 30 million SEK.  We currently provide around 1500 live broadcasts per year plus a similar number of editorial reports and footage to sport magazine programmes such as SVT Sport.

By the end of 2011 we had only one outside broadcast (OB) production bus.  We have now been able to invest in no less than 9 OB busses, half of which are in HD.  Additionally we have 5 “Offtube Stations” where we remotely produce our much appreciated Level 1 productions.


We currently have three bases in Sweden. The first being our Stockholm headquarters at Tegeluddsvägen, where we work side by side with other major media houses such as TV4 and Cmore. Our second office is located at Alingsås Railway Station and thirdly, we have a warehouse in Malmö which we are currently looking to expand.